Does Drinking Alkaline Water Neutralize Stomach Acids

Drinking Alkaline Water Neutralizes Stomach Acids And Hampers Digestion. True or False?

To adequately answer this question, we have to delve into some basic chemistry. pH is the measure of alkalinity and acidity. Any substance with a ph of 7 is neutral, anything more than 7 is alkaline and anything below 7 is acidic.

The stomach maintains its pH around 4.0 when not digesting food. The cells in your stomach wall produce hydrochloric acid (HCl) on a as needed basis. When you drink alkaline water, or eat highly alkaline foods such as most raw fruits and vegetables, your stomach becomes more alkaline. The increase in alkalinity, along with the fact that your stomach has been stretched, stimulates the secretion of HCl to bring your stomach pH to slightly below 4.0 for digestion.

The chemical formula for hydrochloric acid production in the stomach is:
H20 + C02 + NaCI –> HCl + NaHC03

Water, carbon dioxide and sodium chloride produce hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The hydrochloric acid goes into the stomach, and the other by product sodium bicarbonate goes into the bloodstream. The bicarbonates act as alkaline buffers that are required to balance blood pH.

drink alkaline water

Drinking alkaline water helps to maintain blood pH

In the human body, your blood PH needs to be maintained between 7.3 and 7.45. The body will do anything it can to keep the pH of the blood at its optimum level because if it drops to 7, it can cause a coma state and even death.

In today’s world, most people’s body and blood is more acidic than they should be. This is the result of poor diet , dehydration, stress, and environmental pollutants, leading to a condition called acidosis, which causes disease and premature aging, fatigue and illness.

Drinking Alkaline water protects our bones and teeth

If your body is overly acidic body, sometimes it has no choice but to pull alkaline minerals from organs and tissues including bones and teeth to balance the blood PH.

In other words, to maintain the ability to buffer acids in the blood, the body calls on mineral stores in our organs and bones- the body will damage its own organs before it lets the blood pH become acidic. That is why chronic long-term over-acidity accelerates aging of our internal organs and tissues.

So using sometimes extreme measures, the body can maintain the blood pH in a tight alkaline range, the rest of the fluids surrounding our cells and tissues are compromised and they become acidic. Health experts tell us an acidic internal environment is hospitable to disease causing virus and bacteria and the rogue cells such as cancers.

Drinking alkaline water oxygenates the whole body reducing the risk of infections and cancers

Alkalizing the body by drinking alkaline water or eating raw natural foods increases the amount of bicarbonate buffers available to neutralize acid increases and help maintain our blood ph at the optimal range so that the body does not need to call on the mineral stores in our organs and bones.

In short drinking alkaline water 15 to 20 minutes before a meal supports the
1) production of hydrochloric acid for better digestion
2) assimilation of nutrients
3) neutralization of acidic waste products in our blood as well as
4) alkalinizing the interstitial fluids surrounding all the body cells

So does drinking alkaline water neutralize stomach acids? The answer is…it does, but it is also necessary to maintain a healthy body.

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