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Walking bare feet on the Earth’s natural surfaces such as grass, sand or dirt, digging one’s hands into the soil during gardening, as well as contact with trees and shrubs, are said to make for relaxation and good health. This is because contact with the Earth restores your body’s natural electrical state, which in turns promotes optimum health and functionality in daily life. Thus, we want to stay connected to the Earth and tune in to its healing energy as much as possible.

Kangen Bistro stocks the full suite of earthing products that will help you stay connected with the Earth while you work, sleep or travel. They range from the simple grounding rod to luxurious bedding and sheets.

Earthing Grounding Rod

The Earthing ground rod is a practical solution for such older structures, as well as for regions around the world without an updated grounding (Earthed) system.



Earthing Universal Mat

The Earthing universal mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your desk with bare feet contact.

universal mat with cover kit


Earthing Half Sheet Kit

The half-sheet is a natural-color, 100 percent cotton sheet (made with conductive silver thread) measuring 120″ by approximately 33″ that is placed over a section of your regular bottom sheet.

Earthing Half Sheet Kit


Earthing Recovery Bag Kit 

The Earthing recovery bag was initially designed for Tour de France cyclists and has since become a popular sleeping accessory with athletes and travelers, as well as folks at home who enjoy the sleeping bag effect.

earthing recovery bag


Earthing Starter Kit

The popular starter kit features a money-saving combination of Earthing half-sheet (made with conductive silver thread) to use on your bed when you sleep, and an Earthing universal mat for use elsewhere in your home or office during the day.

earthing starter kit

Earthing Patches Kit

Earthing patches are similar to the ECG/EKG electrode patches commonly used by doctors for testing purposes.  When used for Earthing, you simply apply them to the skin on some part of the body, such as a site of tenderness or pain. One end of the accompanying Earthing cord snaps onto the patch.  The other end connects to a grounded wall outlet or ground rod. Each order comes with 50 disposable patches and an Earthing cords.

Earthing Patch Kitearthing Patch Kit






Other Earthing Products includes:

  • Earthing Fitted Sheet Kits
  • Earthing Flat Sheets
  • Earthing Pillow Case Kits
  • Earthing Plush Pad Kits
  • Earthing Throw Kits
  • Earthing Auto Seat Pad Kits
  • Earthing Slippers

Visit our store for the full range of earthing products and accessories.

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