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Home Remedies Work!

It has always been our passion to improve people’s abilities in self-reliant health care. One way to do that is to simultaneously present both the validity, and the simplicity of natural health care and home remedies.

“For drug therapy, we will always be dependent on pharmacies and doctors. For health  we will ultimately be dependent on ourselves. We must learn how to live, and the sooner, the better.”  – Dr Andrew Saul

It is important that we educate ourselves on how to stay healthy. Most of us have been conditioned to be medically pious, and to highly regard and unquestionably accept all medical advice. We shouldn’t disregard the rescue value of some surgeries or some medicine, any more than we should  disregard the curative powers of herbs, nutrition, traditional therapies and simple hydration.

As people, we should be free to utilize any reasonable healthcare approach. To make such a decision, we need education far more than we need medication. Nutrition and home remedies work. Natural treatment and prevention of diseases can be accomplished safely, effectively and inexpensively. Natural healing is not about avoiding doctors, it is about not needing to go to the doctor. A doctor should not be upset if you are healthy. The idea is to be well.

The Healing Power of Nature

The healing power of nature is behind all cures. Your body will heal itself; this is the first rule of nature-cure. Our body has that innate tendency to stay alive and to maintain homeostasis. The natural balance of life forces in you keeps you going. Natural treatment gets to the root cause of symptoms through diet and nutrition.

We can activate the healing powers within ourselves by listening to our bodies and providing it with the resources it needs to regain internal balance. Health symptoms are errant health indicators and the best way to eliminate recurrent symptoms is to end their fundamental underlying cause and change what’s wrong with your life.

Of the great and varied healing modalities available, the mandatory baselines for health and longevity, are

A natural lifestyle really works and people can instinctively sense it. Then they try it, they feel better, and they tell others. As a natural health researcher and consultant, I have taught hundreds of people the very therapies I recommend in this blog. You will find that these simple remedies and certain dietary and lifestyle changes are all you need for that health breakthrough that you seek.

Natural treatment is about stopping illness by building health. The sooner you start the better. How about now?



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