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The Health Benefits Of Swedish Bitters

In our 21st century’s world of high energy demands and poor nutrition, sustaining optimal health can be a great challenge. Fortunately, the Swedish bitters is one of those rare herbal recipes that can provide relief for almost any health condition and it is God’s gift to humanity for such a time as this.

With the emergence of new and exciting products to deal with the many maladies of modern men, Swedish bitters have stood the test of time. For several hundred years, it has been the acclaimed natural curative for tens of millions of dedicated users, principally in Europe and Scandinavia, and now throughout the world.

What is Swedish Bitters?

This elixir is based on the exact recipe of 11 important herbs first formulated by renowned 16th century Swiss physician, Philippus Paracelsus. It was later found among the writings of well-known Swedish healer Dr Claus Samst. The fact that Dr Samst lived to be 104 – with his death resulting from a riding accident testified to the efficacy of the formula. His parents and grandparents also lived to a patriarchal age.

However, it was Austrian woman Maira Treben who popularized this remedy and brought this multipurpose health supplement to the world through her book, “Health Through God’s Pharmacy” which sold almost 9 million copies.

Maria Treben chronicled her personal experiences and success with this strange tonic called Swedish Bitters which was first given to her for her health complications contracted as a World War II refugee. It was accompanied by a transcript of an old “manuscript”, entitled “Elixir For A Long Life”, which explained in 45 points how the drops of this medicine would heal virtually every ailment.

 Read the Swedish Bitters “old Manuscript” here!

 Remedial Applications of the Swedish Bitters

In general, when taken internally, the Swedish Bitters

  • heals and cleanse the digestive system
  • assures maximum assimilation of nutrients
  • aids in proper elimination and promoting regularity
  • soothes and regulates the nervous system
  • purifies the blood
  • energizes, yet soothes
  • aids the liver and gall bladder in dealing with dangerous toxins
  • reinforce the immune system

For health maintenance, a teaspoon of Swedish Bitters in tea or water 2 to 4 time a day is known to ward-off health problems and ailments before they start.

The Swedish Bitters is also effective as a compress for external applications to deal with injuries, skin conditions, insect bites, scars and various pains.

Personally, the Swedish bitters is an important first aid requirement for the family. At the first sign of stomach discomfort, flatulence, indigestion and food poisoning, up to 30 drops of bitters several times a day would do the trick. I find that it is also very effectiveness in drawing pus out of a boil when use as an external compress.

Recipe of the Swedish Bitters

The Swedish Bitters is a synergistic preparation made from the following herbs mixed in the corresponding proportions:

  • 10 gm. Aloe*
  • 5 gm. Myrrh
  • 2 gm. Saffron
  • 10 gm. Senna leaves
  • 10 gm. Camphor**
  • 10 gm. Rhubarb roots
  • 10 gm. Manna
  • 10 gm. Theriac venezian
  • 5 gm. Carline Thistle roots
  • 10 gm. Angelica roots
  • 10 gm. Zedoary roots
  1. Put this mixture into a wide-necked 2 liter bottle.
  2. Pour in 1.5 liter of 38% to 40% rye or fruit spirit.
  3. Leave the bottle standing in the sun or near the stove for 14 days. Shake it daily.
  4. Strain the liquid and pour into small bottles.
  5. Stopper it well and store in a cool place. It can keep for years. The longer it stands, the more effective it becomes.
  6. Shake well before use.

Feel free to prepare the formula in your own kitchen if you like. It is no patented product. It is a great open secret “which God in His Greatness has provided for us since time immemorial.”

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