The Healing Properties of Kangen Water

Kangen water has healing properties

I have always been intrigued to read about the miracles of healing experienced by people who claimed to have drunk of famous healing waters of the world.


There is a research study done in Nordenau Germany on water that comes out of an old slate mine that has gone out of business. More than 1000 people have reported that they have gotten better from all kinds of things drinking that water. In fact, they got so much better that nobody could deny it. Subsequently, clinical improvements have been observed in eighty percent of the patients who drank of that wonder healing water in Nordenau.


Similarly, Over 8 million people have visited the Tlacote the village of Mexico for their well water. Many have experienced a miracle.  More than 10,000 a day is said to have come to visit and to take away a can or two of the famous miracle water, which is said to have cured everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol.

Kangen water healing water

Kangen water replicates the natural healing waters of the world

The Hunza people of the Himalayans are known for their longevity and extraordinary good health. Degenerative diseases are almost unheard of among these people. Their excellent health is attributed to the Himalayan glacier water that they drink consistently. Fortunately for us and our children, modern scientists and Japanese engineers have perfected the technology to create water with similar healing properties. This is Kangen water.

Kangen water is high in active hydrogen content

For years nobody could not explain why the miracle waters of the world can bring such wonderful and rapid recoveries from various disorders. After much investigation however, Prof. Shirahata, of Kyushu  University offered an explanation. The famous healing waters of Lourdes in France, Tlacote, Mexico, Nordenau, Germany, Nadana, India are all highly alkaline and have very high active hydrogen content.

An active hydrogen molecule has an extra electron which accounts for its high antioxidant properties. Active hydrogen promotes life in everything that consumes it: plants, animals and people.


Kangen water is highly ionized

Through the process of electrolysis, an ionizer separates water into its acidic and alkaline components. Through the impartation of an intense electrical charge, the final product is highly alkaline, ionized with a high active hydrogen content.


Make your own kangen water with the Leveluk Kangen water ionizer

You can make highly alkaline and ionized Kangen water for your family with the Japanese made Leveluk Kangen water ionizer.  Kangen means back to the origin. You now don’t have to travel to these locations for healing. Healing, good health and longevity can happen right here in your home with healing Kangen water created in your own kitchen with your Leveluk medical grade Kangen water ionizer.

“Dear Friends, I am amazed by the simple Kangen water system. All I did was drink lots of this Kangen ionized water for two weeks, and the aching from the arthritis in my hands and knees, and the pains in my back and neck, simply dissolved right out of my body.”

Shirley N., Winnipeg, MB


“My friend turned me on to Kangen…I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bad back, on many medications, always fatigued and depressed. When I started Kangen 9.0 on week 3, I started feeling wonderful. I was not tired and was awake during the day at work and not yawning…also, there was no more pain in the right wrist.
The acid in my stomach and chest, those are gone. I use Kangen water on my body and it does not itch anymore, use Kangen 2.5 on my daughter’s acne, and much, much more.”
Shelly C., Sylmar, CA

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  1. admin says:

    Hi I would like to know more about your water system. How do I get more information?

  2. Doris Chew says:

    I check and find many water ionised machines in the market. How sure that I can buy the best machine at reasonable cost? Are Korean machines inferior than Kangen machines?

  3. R Jeyawardene says:

    I would like to know more about your kangen water system. Nobody sells kangen water in Sri Lanka.

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    Hi, I am somchai from Chiangmai, Thailand. Do you have any additional information that i can read?

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