Ma-CaM Calmodulin

Calcium Binding Protein, Ma-CaM Calmodulin: to ensure optimal calcium absorption for bone, nervous, and endocrine health as well as a strong immune system.

Serving Size: 1 Sachet (40g); Serving per package: 60 Sachets

Ingredients: Lecithin, American Ginseng Powder, Soybean Extract, and Millet

Suitable For: Children, pregnant women, adults and vegetarians


1. Consume 1 to 3 sachets per day on an empty stomach for better absorption.

2. Pour one sachet into a shaker with 250cc of water and the temperature below 40℃. (Tighten the bottle lid and shake well. Open the lid and enjoy it.)

3. Avoid any food 1 hour before and after consuming CAM except for plain water.


1. For maximum effectiveness, avoid tea, coffee, carbonated drinks and ionized water before and after 1 hour of consuming the CAM.

2. You may add honey or original yogurt to suit your taste.

3. People with chronic diseases are recommended to take 1/2 packet of CAM at the early stage and gradually increase the amount to 1 packet a day after 2 weeks. It’s recommended to take CAM 2 packets or more everyday starting from second month or recommended to take ma-CAM. Please consult our nutritionists for any special condition.

4. Avoid any medication one hour before and after taking CAM.

Price: $390.00

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