Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters a liquid extract of 11 traditional herbs. Remarkable healing properties in the stomach and digestive system. Works to purify the blood, energizes, cleanses the system, dispels flatulence & kidney disorders, regulate central nervous system, reinforces immune system, aids the liver and gall -bladder in their battle with dangerous toxins. Heals wounds, toothaches, eczema, blisters,colic winds, stomach cramps, hemorrhoids and sleeplessness.

All one needs to do is to put 2 drops of the Swedish Bitters Concentrate into a glass of water, and it is ready to use. This makes it very convenient for the traveler, as the bottle is only 30 ml (1 oz.), yet is the equivalent of 700 ml of reconstituted herbal recipe.

The shelf life is indefinite, and it needs no refrigeration. It is ideal to carry on trips, where unknown food and conditions often lead to digestive and stomach problems, and a ruined trip. Getting sick on the road is very inconvenient and dangerous.

Price: $36.00

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