Kangen Water

why drink kangen water

Kangen means “back to origin”. The Leveluk series of Kangen water ionizers developed and distributed by Enagic Inc. are the only medically certified ionizers that generate the Kangen water known for its many healing properties.

Properties of Kangen Water

Kangen water has been structured through a combination of filtration and electrolysis to have similar healing properties as the famous natural healing waters of the earth such as Nordenau of Germany, Tlacote of Mexica, Nadana Of India and Lourdes of France. For thousands of years, these places have maintained legendary status as natural sources of “Miracle Water.” Thousands of people have reported miraculous healing from all kinds of conditions drinking these waters.

Most disease have been linked to a lack of oxygen and a build up of toxic acid waste in our body. In today’s world, most people’s bodies tend to be more acidic and oxygen deprived due to environmental toxins, poor diets, nutritional deficiencies, stress and sleep deprivation leading to all kinds of health challenges including cancers. Kangen water promotes health by balancing our internal environment with the following properties:

1) High anti-oxidation: The presence of great amount of active hydrogen ions in Kangen water contributes to its high anti oxidation, anti aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

2) Micro clustering: The size of ionized Kangen water molecules are up to 5 times smaller than non-ionized water allowing for better penetration, absorption and hydration.

3) Alkalinization: Helps to neutralize acidic waste, and alkalinize body fluids for optimal health.

why drink kangen water

Health Benefits of Kangen Water

1) Better Hydration 

Adequate hydration is necessary for our normal bodily functions and excellent good health. Because of Kangen Water’s excellent hydration abilities, we can stay hydrated throughout the day.

2) Increased Oxygenation

Ionized Kangen water contains Hydroxyl (OH-) ions which provide the oxygen to body cells. A well oxygenated body is inhospitable to disease pathogens as well as rog cells such as cancers. Increased oxygenation enhances the body’s resistance to illnesses

3) Anti-Aging Properties

The high anti-oxidation properties of Kangen water will help slow down the aging aging process.

4) Detoxification

With the enhanced permeability of the microclustered water, toxins and waste products are flushed out of our body more effectively.

The 5 types of Kangen Water

The Leveluk Kangen Water Ionizers are capable of producing 5 different types of water:

5 Types Of Kangen Water

1) Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.0)

This water is generally not for drinking. It is use to promote hygiene in your daily life due to it strong cleaning effect. Strong alkaline water can be used for cleaning fruits and vegetable, removing pesticides from produce, grease cleaning, stain removal, and washing the dishes.

2) Kangen Drinking Water (pH 8.5, 9.0, 9.5)

This type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cook. It works to restore your body to a more alkaline state which optimizes health. It has no unpleasant odor, tastes subtly sweet and extremely hydrating.It draws out the natural flavor of foods during cooking so that excess seasoning and salting can be avoided. It also give freshness and life to plants.

3) Kangen Clean Water (pH 7.0)

Neutral in pH, clean water is free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness. Use it with medication and preparation of baby food.

4) Kangen Beauty Water (pH 4.0 – 6.0)

This slightly acidic kangen water is recognized for its astringent effect. It is terrific for gentle cleaning and beauty care.It can be used as a facial wash, skin toner, maintaining hair care, polishing glass objects, and even removing dirt from flooring and tiles.

5) Kangen Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7)

This is used as strong disinfectant in beauty salons, hospitals, restaurants, pet shops, and nursing homes. Use it to sanitize your hands, kitchen ware, disinfecting wounds and as a mouth rinse.

If you can’t wait to have your very own Leveluk Kangen medical grade water ionizer and to start enjoying the benefits of drinking ionized, oxygen-rich alkaline, water, click here to contact us immediately and we will rush you your unit right away.

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