List Of Leveluk Models

We have the Leveluk Kangen Water Ionizer That Is Just Right For You!

Leveluk SD501 Platinum Kangen Water Ionizer

  • notification spoken in 5 languages
  • seven electrode plates for superb ionizing power
  • compact design
  • easy to use touch panel




Super501 Kangen Water IonizerLeveluk Super501 Kangen Water Ionizer

  • suitable for commercial use by a restaurant, small-scale food industry, etc
  • Seven electrode plates for strong ionizing action
  • can continuously produce Strong Kangen Water for cleaning




SD501 Kangen Water IonizerLeveluk SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer

  • Seven electrode plates for super water ionization
  • Enagic Flagship product
  • Easy one touch panel with audio notification in English
  • Pretty and compact




JrII Kangen Water IonizerLeveluk JrII Kangen Water Ionizer

  • Three high quality electrode plates
  • Easy to use one-touch panel
  • Notifications via large-sized liquid crystal display (LCD)





Anespa Hot Spring SpaAnespa

  • luxurious Hot Spring Resort experience in your own home
  • Relaxing effects of mineral-ion water
  • 100% removal of chlorine and bacteria for great skin and hair
  • Highly effective against skin deterioration and freckles
  • Relaxing and pleasurable



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